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We understand. The internet, and Uber’s website, is full of information about Uber’s policies around insurance coverage, practices, and FAQ content. However, they don’t provide much support and guidance in terms of post-accident or post-assault information. Coming here is the first step.

Pursuing legal action with Uber can be overwhelming and terrifying - you’ll have people contacting you from Uber’s insurance companies, from insurance companies of other drivers or parties involved, and potentially from the police, depending on the situation.

If there is an accident, Uber’s insurance company will want as much information as possible to determine how much damage has occurred, as well as who was at fault - this will help them determine who pays for the damage.

However, if this is an assault, the emotional and psychological damage alone can be completely debilitating - you are not alone during this process, and what happened is not your fault. We can help you through every step of the legal process - from start to finish - to ensure you get the support, settlement, and peace-of-mind that you deserve.